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Interpretation of the mobile phone screen cover "2.5D glass"

Starting with the Nokia N9, a word about the screen of a mobile phone is gradually becoming known. It is called "2.5D glass". Over the years, more and more mobile phones have begun to use this kind of edge as a curved glass as a screen cover. The crazy iPhone6, to Samsung's Note4, and then to domestic manufacturers like vivo, Xiaomi are using 2.5D glass. It can be said that at this stage, 2.5D glass is the first choice of many mobile phone manufacturers.
    So many people may have such questions, what is 2.5D glass, and where is it?
    What is 2.5D glass?
    First let us figure out a question, what is 2.5D glass. Our glass in the traditional sense is flat. Whether you choose any point on the glass, it should be on the same plane as the other points on the glass. The biggest difference between 2.5D glass and ordinary glass is that although the glass is flat on the front side, the edge portion is recessed downward into an arc shape.
    Unlike 3D glass, the biggest difference between 2.5D is that the entire part covering the LCD panel is flat. The advantage is that it will not cause visual difference. You can try to cast a spherical glass to look at the screen of the mobile phone. You will find that you must The normal image can be seen perpendicular to the screen, otherwise it will be distorted. 2.5D glass solves this problem very well. The part that covers the top of the LCD panel is flat and does not cause image distortion when looking at the screen sideways.
    Then, do you want to ask, since the above is flat, then why do you have to make a curved shape around you?
    Benefits of 2.5D glass
    Why the 2.5D glass is so popular, the primary reason is "high value." The problem with flat glass used in the past is to enhance the impact of the glass. It is usually the practice of the manufacturer to embed the glass in the middle frame. The problem is that the whole glass is lower than the middle frame, plus the screen. The outer frame, from a visual point of view, will be divided into many layers in the border of the screen, which looks quite messy.
    The curved edge of the 2.5D glass effectively solves this problem. The height of the 2.5D glass is higher than that of the middle frame, so the whole screen seems to be placed on the middle frame, which looks quite full and does not see the so-called The outer frame is visually much better than flat glass.
    The second benefit is the touch. The 2.5D glass is almost 180 degrees to the middle frame, so the edge of the screen is not 90 degrees like the previous phone, so the feeling of touching it with your fingers is not so good. At the same time, imagine that when you hold the handshake with one hand, the part of the tiger's mouth and the frame are in contact for a long time. Is it an angled screen or a screen with no edges? The answer is obviously the latter.
    2.5D glass is currently facing some minor problems
    Of course, although many mobile phones currently use 2.5D glass as the cover for the screen, there are actually more mobile phones using traditional flat glass. why? The reason is simple. The 2.5D glass process is more complicated than flat glass, so from a cost perspective, 2.5D glass is more expensive than ordinary glass. According to the previous data, the actual cost price of a 2.5D glass of the same size is 2-3 times that of a normal glass.
    There are a lot of people worried that the 2.5D glass hanging on the metal frame will have an impact on the hardness of the screen. In fact, there is currently no data to prove that 2.5D glass is more fragile than ordinary glass, like the three generations of Corning’s gorillas. And the fourth-generation glass has a 2.5D version, the hardness is no different from ordinary flat glass.
    However, because the cost of 2.5D glass is higher, if the screen of your mobile phone is broken, the price of replacing the screen will definitely be more expensive. In addition, the screen of the current mobile phone is designed to fit, so the screen is broken. You have to pay more than half the price of your phone to replace them.
   There is also a problem that is not a problem. 2.5D glass because the edge is curved, so the phone with 2.5D glass can not be filmed, you can only buy a film attached to the flat screen.
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