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Daily inspection method for glass problems of mobile phone cover plate

Mobile phone cover glass cleaning is not clean, there are many reasons, there are improper settings of ultrasonic settings, there are pure water, there are cleaning agent replacement problems, there are reasons for pre-processing, as well as insufficient cleaning of mobile phone cover glass cleaning agent, etc. We will analyze for you, the specific situation.
    1. If the white piece of glass excludes water quality, cleaning the syrup, the vibration is the biggest, the white piece is ground and rubbed, etc. are all carried out in the water, the rinsing tank water has been replaced, etc., and there are white spots or watermarks, which are basically clean in the oven. The result is basically that the bottom of the bottom of the oven is dirty or the filter life is up. Clean the corners of each oven with a clean, dust-free cloth, glued with pure water or alcohol, and scoop the water with a scoop. The water is placed in the oven, and the oven fan is turned on to adsorb the dust flowing in the air in the oven, and the dust is adsorbed at different positions, and the adsorption time is 5-10 minutes. The overflow water is opened a little larger, pay attention to the slow pull speed of the slow pull groove, adjust the speed, and the principle of slow and slow down. There should not be too much air flow near the slow pull. It is well known that pure water is ultrapure water, as long as it is cleaned. Rinsing clean, no use of non-foaming cleaning agent, after slowly pulling out, if the oven is well-made, even if the glass is covered with water drops, it will not be watermarked when it is baked in the oven. Because there is almost no impurity in the pure water, where is the dirt attached to the glass surface and dried with high temperature? And basically there is a watermark, the place where the watermark appears in the bottom of the rack rack or the upper end of the rack, so it is worth thinking about; in addition, the non-foaming detergent contains defoamer (silicone oil) is easy to adsorb The surface of the glass is difficult to clean and is also a cause of watermarking.
    2, silk screen finished glass lens to exclude the possibility of the above Article 1, there are white spots, basically silk screen, there is no silk screen in the clean shed, resulting in a lot of dust and impurities on the glass lens when the silk screen, with The air humidity is dried in the screen printing oven to dry the dust and impurities, resulting in a firm adhesion to the surface of the glass lens. Even the most powerful ultrasonic and syrup can not clean the white spots and impurities. At present, many factories adopt the method. Clean the surface of the glass with a clean cloth and alcohol or white oil. Rub the dust and other impurities and loosen it. Then take it on the ultrasonic cleaner to clean it. Also, mix it with calcium carbonate and white oil and put it on the towel. The powder on the top, then flushed, and then washed on an ultrasonic cleaner, the effect can be significantly improved.
   3, test white glass and silk screen finished glass, the test process can follow the test of your glass lens production process to see which process in the glass lens in the process will appear these problems, white spots, watermarks, scratches, Anything that can be collapsed, from the beginning of the material, to the process of profiling, flat grinding, polishing, tempering, silk screen printing, etc., take 10 glass lenses and test with the same cleaning parameters to find out the causes of scratches, etc. The proportion of effects that come out is used for cause diagnosis and analysis. The cleaning parameters must be carried out under the standard cleaning scheme, and all the cleaning indicators are tested under the qualified conditions.
   To sum up, analyze the reasons for poor cleaning from the entire process flow, the entire workshop environment, from large to small, one by one, and then consider the specific process of equipment, cleaning agents and so on.
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