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What are the USES of camera lenses?

The camera lens is a micro-technical product with high quality requirements. Its production needs a perfect quality control system and advanced precision manufacturing and testing equipment. The camera of the mobile phone generally uses optical glass. Generally, most of the camera lenses use optical glass as the lens, and most of the lenses of the glasses are made of resin. As the material of the lens, there are mainly two types, one is a glass lens, and the other is a resin lens. Since the glass lens is fragile, most of the products are resin lenses. The lens is a lens obtained by printing and CNC cutting of PMMA or PC. The main materials are PMMA and PC. If the hardness of the lens surface is not high, it is even possible to directly use the green sheet (unreinforced sheet) as the material of the flat lens to reduce the cost.
The lens is widely used:
    Digital products include: mobile phone lenses, navigation lenses, GPS lenses, camera lenses, learning machine lenses and so on.
    Use of household appliances: air conditioner remote control lens, TV set-top box lens, induction cooker panel lens, security building lens, etc.
    According to the requirements of different customers, the lens can be made of different materials: PC lens, acrylic lens, PMMA lens, PET lens.
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